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Breast examination: trinity method. Part 2 – visual diagnostics.

To identify diseases of the mammary glands, the trinity is used:

  1. Examination by doctor (consultation, palpation, examination, collection of anamnesis);
  2. Diagnostic methods (ultrasound, mammography, MRI);
  3. Pathomorphological examination (cytology and histology by biopsy).

Today we will tell you about DIAGNOSTICS.

If you suspect disease of mammary glands (MG), the doctor most often prescribes ultrasound diagnostics or MAMMOGRAPHY.

*Since 2008, screening program for early detection of breast neoplasms has been implemented in Kazakhstan. Under the program (popularly referred to as screening), all women between 40 and 70 can undergo free examination once every two years.

*Ultrasound examination of mammary glands is possible once a year on free basis according to direction of local doctor. This is very common type of examination that is available not only in diagnostic centers and private clinics but also in many polyclinics at the place of residence in Semey.

There are no age restrictions for ultrasound diagnostics. The procedure can be carried out for young patients.

!And now, ATTENTION!

Ultrasound diagnostics and mammography are not mutually exclusive but complementary methods.

There are cases when tumors are visible on X-rays but ultrasound diagnostics shows that they are none and vice versa.

*In severe cases, when these two types of diagnostics are not reliable, patients are referred for  CONTRASTED MRI. It is a complex procedure, both in terms of preparation and implementation. It is carried out strictly according to indications and recommendation of mammologist.

*Another additional clarifying type of diagnostics is tomosynthesis of mammary glands. This is analogous to mammography but more detailed digital with 3D image.

The nearest location for contrast-enhanced MRI and tomosynthesis is in the city of Ust-Kamenogosrk.

According to recommendations of mammologists and direction of PHC, patients from Semey region with severe cases undergo examinations at these devices free of charge.